Homemade alternatives

If only I had inherited my mum’s talents for sewing/knitting/cake decorating, I would be sorted for homemade gifts for any occasion, not to mention kitting out my own family and home.

Alas, those gifts were not passed down and while my mum is a perfectionist in everything she creates, my efforts are always a bit slapdash. I do enjoy crafts and being creative though, and thank goodness for Pinterest providing endless inspiration. I have made an effort to DIY, with mixed results. So, on this page, I’ll show you my attempts (omitting the really awful ones of course), and I’ll be adding in various  ideas from more creative people. You know, the things, I wish I could make!


Whole of the Moon lyrics print. This was part of a wedding gift to a friend. I knew she got engaged to this Waterboys song, and it was mighty good luck that they also had it for their first dance.

This was my second attempt at a print. The first was using all the lyrics in a circular text box, with the bride and groom’s name in the middle, to look like a record. It didn’t look like a record so I opted for the rainbow theme here instead. All it cost was a frame, £10 from Hobbycraft.


IMG_2793 (1)