Best money-saving sites

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and I’ll be adding to it as I go, but here are my go-to places when it comes to saving the pennies. Feel free to tell me about your best saving sites too.


Cashback sites: – Click through to your favourite retailers, like Boots, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis, and you’ll get cashback straight into your child’s Kidstart account – Same system as above. It claims to give the highest cashback guaranteed.


Preloved sites: – one of my favourites, and not just for second hand goods but always worth searching for good prices on new items too, especially arts and crafts stuff. Also my favourite for selling items, especially now it’s so easy to do via your smart phone. – brilliant for finding local secondhand items, and for selling without having to incur fees or Paypal commission. – I’ve only had a few quick browses on this but it looks really user friendly. I’m surprised how many local people are selling on it already and hoping it gets more and more popular. – Again, I haven’t used it much but it’s always worth a browse. – There’s nothing better than finding something fantastic in a charity shop. I’m envious of people who really have the eye for spotting great items. With Oxfam’s online shop, you can rummage through the rails any time of the day or night. Be warned, it’s bloomin’ addictive!


Bargain shopping – This is absolutely brilliant for presents, particulary for children’s books. There are always great deals on and once you’ve bought from the site, you’ll be updated with regular emails. I bought eight books at Christmas, including two hardback autobiographies, for £32.72 – which works out at just £4.09 each. – I’ve only bought a couple of things from Etsy but I think it’s worth remembering to have a look when you’ve got something in mind, and when you don’t. There are some really unusual items on offer there, for example, who would have thought of buying shoe decals saying, “I” and “Do,” to stick on the sole of each wedding shoe? – I find shopping at TKMaxx a bit of a lottery, and for every one brilliant buy, there are another three fruitless trips. The best item I’ve ever found at the shop was a pair of J Brand jeans for just £59.99. Bargain! Browsing the online shop means I can save money on petrol and time going to the actual store.


Comparison websites

These are brilliant for making sure you get the best deal on everything from home insurance to car insurance to mortgages:


Information on benefits








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