Babies and kids cost a fortune. That’s what we’re constantly being told anyway. But, as my mother will say, spending a packet doesn’t make for a better baby.

I’m all for saving a few pounds here and there and love a bargain just as much as the next woman. But I’m equally guilty of falling for marketing traps, splurging on unnecessary products and regretting buying cheap at times.

This blog is by no means a guide to how to bring up a baby in the cheapest way possible – besides, who would want to do that? This is about a mum-of-two who is trying to have it all without going bankrupt. It’s about finding cheaper ways of giving my two boys everything they need and deserve and having fun as a family on a budget. I’ll flag up great deals on the high street and online, let you in on my saving secrets and explore options to make a few extra pennies. Oh, and when I mess up and accidentally spend more than I should, I’ll confess all on my blog so you can learn from (and laugh at) my mistakes.

What else can I tell you? Well, in my other life, I’m a national newspaper journalist. I live in Yorkshire with all my boys – my husband, toddler, baby and a huge lazy moggy. Now the wrong side of 35, yet still feel like I’m fumbling through everything. Advice, tips and sympathy always welcome!